Practical Information

Visa Requirements

VISA A visa is required for foreigners to enter the People’s Republic of China. Foreign travelers to China can easily obtain Tourist/Family Visit Visas or “L” Visas. Applicants can opt for single or double entry. “L” Visas allow for a stay of 30 days, and are valid for 3 months upon issue; the count begins when you enter China. Stays of up to 90 and 180 days are also possible. Visa applications can be obtained through your regional Chinese embassy or consulate or through travel agencies. It’s best to ask your local People’s Republic of China representative office for up-to-date information for visa requirements. Application processes usually take 3 to 5 business days but expedite same day or next day service is usually available for a fee.

Visa extension in China are handled at the local Public Security Bureau’s (Gong’an Ju 公安局) Foreign Affairs Department. One month extensions may be granted ate the discretion of the issuing officer. Hong Kong is a good place to get new visas into China without going too far away.